Here’s A Leaked Picture Of The 2020 Ford Bronco’s Headlights

Photo: Bronco6G

I’m not exactly certain what the future will bring, especially since I ran out of those pills the man in the rusty Econoline gave me, but one thing we do know is that 2020 will be, at least in part, the Year of the Bronco. Ford’s re-born Bronco is expected to be revealed sometime in the spring, but before then we’ve got a nice little sneak peek at the newest version of the iconic early SUV’s headlights. I like them!

This leaked headlight image comes to us via a poster on the Bronco6G forum, who claims to have gotten it from a friend working on the U725 (that means it’s the full-sized one, not the Baby Bronco) project.


The design of the light tells us a lot about the overall styling direction the new Bronco will likely take. The round light with what appears to be a horizontal turn indicator coming off the inside edge and a side marker lamp on the outer is clearly inspired by the old, original Bronco’s round sealed-beam lamp and horizontal turn indicator next to it.

I suspect that the ring of the lamp—possibly with the indicator portion—will form the DRL, as it seems to on the Baby Bronco.

All of this suggests a design that, while likely not slavishly retro, nevertheless takes inspiration directly from the original source, which I think is a very good thing.


This leak is an encouraging sign for the Bronco, I think. I bet these will be mounted behind some sort of full-width grille, as I’d be surprised if that complicated upper edge on the right there was part of the grille design, but I guess we’ll just have to see.

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