Here’s Every Off-Road Race Summarized In 10 Seconds

Here's Every Off-Road Race Summarized In 10 Seconds

Most of off-road spectating is hours of sun and dust. But a helicopter is the harbinger of action; once you hear those rotors it’s only a matter of seconds before you’ll be compelled to crap your pants.

This quick clip from the 2016 San Felipe 250, the shortest event of this year’s World Desert Championship series in Baja, captures the sideline experience remarkably well. Just throw some dirt in your face and sip watery beer out of a koozie-wrapped can and it’s like you’re there!


I’m kidding of course, if you only consume off-road racing through a screen you never get the glorious sense of accomplishment of trucking to an epic tailgating site. And of course socializing with other greasy miscreants is the best part of all.

Have fun and stay safe out there! Oh; that means stay further back from the course than these people.


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