Here’s The ‘Flagship’ Electric Car That Faraday Future Promised, The FF 91

Following a disappointing introduction at last year’s CES and a full 12 months of reports of organization dysfunction, financial mismanagement, factory construction delays and key staff departures, Faraday Future has finally presented the world with its show-stopping autonomous electric car.

FF just unveiled the “new species” of cars it’s calling the FF 91 during a livestream in Las Vegas, and here’s what we know so far.



Faraday Future claims its FF 91 has 10 front and rear facing cameras, 13 long and short range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors and one high definition 3D LIDAR setup (the little blue pop-up circle) to satisfy the most “comprehensive” autonomous sensor suite. The company also claims you’ll never have to worry about parking again.

They then demonstrated this live by having the car find its own spot in a lot and park, all on its own.

The electric propulsion system is claimed to be good for 1,050 horsepower. Faraday has developed a modular architecture to fill out its future lineup, with an open charging system with the ability to take charge from any standard using either 110 or 240 volt AC at-home chargers. The company also claimed a 200 kilowatt DC quick-charging capability, with a promise of wireless charging down the road.


The FF 91 claims the largest battery size with the densest battery pack featuring the highest density batter cell, with 130 kilowatt hours of energy, which is higher than Tesla’s greatest offering. Faraday claimed 378 miles of range.

On the interior, every person in the car’s seat will intuitively know and learn your individual preferences using profile identification with “seamless entry” that relies heavily of the company’s FF ID ecosystem.


The FF ID makes you the key to the car, using Bluetooth and facial recognition that continuously but “non-intrusively” learns about you.

The car will also adapt to the environment as well, with propulsion system that “just knows” and anticipates the passenger’s needs. It will adjust settings for comfort, performance and safety.

The car was leaked just a little early before being revealed during the presentation on Twitter:

It’s incredibly difficult to translate just how bad of a year it was for Faraday Future, which is financially backed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting with connections to LeEco, another electric vehicle startup under the umbrella of Yueting’s media empire LeTV, which also confusingly had its LeSee concept car designed by the Faraday Future team.


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