Here’s the only stat you need to be bullish on the US economy

There’s no way around it: young people are everywhere.

Late last week, the Census Bureau put out its latest population estimates with this data driving home the increasing reality that the US economy is on cusp of a millennial powered-boom.

On Sunday night, economist Jed Kolko tweeted out the top 10 most popular ages in America right now.

And while there is always going to be a younger skew on this kind of data, the amount of people in their 20s right now, also known as the age at which people begin to buy homes, have families, settle into careers, and come into not just their prime earning years but their prime spending years is about to re-shape the US economy.

The ten most common ages in the U.S., as of June 2016:











— Jed Kolko (@JedKolko) June 26, 2016

Data from Pew released last month showed that millennials, with a collective population of 74.9 million in the US, have officially taken over Baby Boomers as the biggest generation.

This trend, obviously, is not going to change (statistically more Boomers will be dying each year than millennials).

And the economic, political, and societal impact of this shift is, above all else, the big story of the next couple decades in the US.

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