Here’s Vaughn Gittin, Jr. to Put Your Heel Toe Technique to Shame

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It’s hardly a secret that Vaughn Gittin, Jr. is a capable and competent drift competitor. With Ford power under foot, he’s established quite a name for himself in this world, sliding various Mustangs and pickup trucks around for a few years now. If you want to know exactly how it is that he’s become quite so well known, this fancy footwork is how.

At a certain point, this kind of dance on the pedals has to become second nature, right? Obviously he’s doing this without even thinking about it. He knows exactly the angle and throttle/brake application he needs to achieve it, but he’s not really calculating how to make that happen, he’s just operating on muscle memory. That’s the most mind blowing part of this video, is just how quickly he’s making his appendages flail about.

Cars are tools that humans use to move around. Drifters have perverted that transportation tool into a device of tire smoke and awe-inducing angles. I’m hardly a die hard drift fanatic, but the talent that it requires to work at the pro level is certainly worthy of at least a little awe.

Give the man some of your awe. He deserves it.

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