Here’s What The Next Generation Of Car Enthusiasts Need To Know

You are only young once. You owe it to yourself to get a tiny light weight vehicle. If possible find something that is under a ton.

Tiny vehicles are amazing. Not only are they better from an environment point of view, but they give you a sense of speed and adventure you can’t have in a 2+ ton vehicle. Going the speed limit in a 1500 lb car feels crazier than going twice that in a large SUV.

When you get older, demands of life will force you into larger vehicles (having kids or difficulty in fitting in a small vehicle as you age). But the passion and skills you gained in driving a tiny thing don’t leave.

There are also two other advantages.

1. Small cars have less room for passengers. If you are single, this is a good thing, keeps things like double dates from happening.

2. Right after college, it seems like everyone wants to move. They won’t ask for help if they see you driving a tiny car, but they damn sure will if you have a pickup.

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