Here’s Your Chance To Buy The World’s Wildest Porsche 996 Race Car

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This Porsche 996 Turbo is what happens when a billionaire decides he wants to win an SCCA championship and doesn’t care what it takes to make that happen. Scott Tucker, currently serving 200 months in prison for payday loan scams with usury repayment rates, was more than happy to spend whatever it took to go racing, and win. He threw all kinds of funds at major international programs, and won four American endurance sports car championships, as well as victories at the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring, and a podium at Le Mans.


Perhaps the most ridiculous piece of this tale was Tucker’s obsession with winning SCCA Runoffs titles. This is well documented in the now-legendary episode of Dinner With Racers called simply The Level 5 Special. The car presented here, known as “Hurricane”, is available for sale as part of the Guikas collection, will be auctioned on the 19th of November in France. Despite Tucker having allegedly spent multiple millions developing this all-carbon 996 Turbo, it is estimated to sell for just a fraction of that; between $145,000 and $200,000.

Back in 2011 Tucker contracted with Kelly Moss Motorsports to build this machine for the express purpose of dominating the ST0 class at the runoffs. Not only did it win in 2011, but he had the engine pumped up an additional few hundred horsepower and took the 2012 title as well. There’s nothing to an SCCA title besides a trophy and bragging rights, so apparently that was worth deep into the seven figures for Tucker.

Naturally Tucker used every bit of advantage at his disposal to make this car as fast as possible. He hired Porsche factory driver Patrick Long to give it a shakedown for a few days at Road America. He used the team’s four-post shaker rig to set up the suspension. He had Multimatic build some custom spool valve shocks for the racer. Everything was done to “level 5″ as Tucker called it, because he had it and he wanted to flaunt it. This is the type of program that could only be put together by a ridiculous man of maniacal wealth, because absolutely nobody would be foolish enough to sponsor the build of such a car.

This car sold back in 2017 during Auctions America’s Auburn sale for $129,250. Presumably that was the point at which it entered the Guikas collection. Interestingly Auctions America was later purchased by RM Sotheby’s, so this is the second time in a handful of years that the car has been sold by the same company.

If you’re interested in bidding on what has to be the wildest Porsche 996 ever built, including factory race cars, check out the listing right here.

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