This F-750-Based Camper Is The Perfect Overlander For The Impending Apocalypse

The Adventure Truck is based on a Ford F-750 pickup

Based on the Ford F-750, the Adventure Truck has all the comforts you need to survive the apocalypse
Photo: Global Expedition Vehicles

The planet is pretty messed up these days. If you aren’t forced out of your house by flooding and our crumbling infrastructure, then droughts and food shortages will soon send you back into a hunter-gatherer existence.


When that happens, the perfect vehicle to guarantee your continued existence on this godforsaken planet might be an enormous off-road camper based on Ford’s F-750 pickup. Luckily, one is now up for sale.

For anyone that doesn’t know, the F-750 is Ford’s biggest truck. It’s a commercial vehicle that eclipses regular trucks like Ford’s own F-150.

It’s perfect, then, to form the base of an overlanding campervan in which you can bunker down during a nuclear winter. That’s exactly what RV specialist Global Expedition Vehicles thought, as it used one to craft the Adventure Truck.

A photo of the Adventure Truck driving through a grassy field

The Adventure Truck as a winch, solar panels and auxiliary LED lighting
Photo: Global Expedition Vehicles

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Premiered during this year’s SEMA show, the Adventure Truck uses a 2004 Ford F-750 chassis as its base. The truck has then been topped with a fiberglass body that houses everything you need to live out your post-apocalyptic existence.

Inside the body of the beast there’s a kitchen with a sink, induction stove, fridge and microwave, as well as a two-person dining area with a table and benches.


Further back in the truck, you’ll find a full-size bed on which you can rest your head after a tough day spent fighting for survival in the remnants of civilization. There’s also a shower, toilet and plenty of storage space for all your souvenirs from a simpler time.

The truck also features a 90-gallon fresh water tank and 20-gallon grey water waste store.


Inside the Adventure Truck is a kitchen, dining area and bedroom

Inside the Adventure Truck is a kitchen, dining area and bedroom
Photo: Global Expedition Vehicles

The camper’s chassis has everything you need to keep you and your family on the road as you try to outrun any potential zombie invasions. It is powered by a 7.2-liter engine, coupled with a 240-gallon fuel tank, a semi-automatic tire inflation system, front winch and auxiliary lights.


There are also solar panels to power its electronics, and the Adventure Truck features GPS and a satellite radio.

Does all this make the Adventure Truck the ultimate apocalypse survival truck?

If you think so, Global Expedition Vehicles is selling this very truck now. All this overlanding exuberance can be yours for $345,000.

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