Herschel Shills for Charlatan; The OSU Unranked! Mamba Remembered

Herschel Walker laid out all the reasons racist Donald Trump couldn’t possibly be racist.

Herschel Walker laid out all the reasons racist Donald Trump couldn’t possibly be racist.
Screenshot: ABC-TV

The Atlanta Hawks’ website has a video titled “ELDRIDGE RECASNER HIGHLIGHTS,” whose description is: “Watch some of Eldridge Recasner’s best moments with the Atlanta Hawks.”


The video is 21 seconds long and it consists of an off-balance heave from around the three-point line that appears to have been a long two (the referee did not raise an arm), the same dunk twice, and a catch-and-shoot three.

That would be 2.08 percent of all the field goals Recasner made during his 144 games with the Hawks over two seasons, including a pair of playoff runs. Recasner also played for the Nuggets, Rockets, Hornets, and Clippers in his NBA career, and honestly, a 21-second highlight reel is unfair to someone who was really a fine basketball player.


Recasner was All-Pac-10 three times at the University of Washington, won gold with Team USA at the 1993 FIBA Americas Championship, and was MVP of the CBA with the Yakima Sun Kings in 1995, which led to his NBA opportunity on a 10-day contract with the Nuggets after having gone undrafted out of college. (It should also be noted that Recasner’s pre-NBA journey included a stop in the Philippines with the Presto Ice Cream Kings, one of the greatest names for a team you’ll ever see.)

Anyway, the video confirms that the 6-3 Recasner could dunk, and it turns out he still can, because when he saw on CNN that Herschel Walker would be speaking at the Republican National Convention on Monday night, he tweeted the question on everyone’s mind, “What’s wrong with you @HerschelWalker???”

Clearly a lot, because Walker described himself as “a very good judge of character,” which is definitely something that people who are very good judges of character often describe themselves as.

Walker said that when Trump bought the New Jersey Generals, the USFL team that Walker once played for, “he set out to learn — he learned the history of the team.”


The history of the team consisted of one season.

“Then he used what he learned to make the team better,” Walker said. Okay, fine, the Generals went from 6-12 before Trump took over to 14-4 in their second season and 11-7 in their third and final season. It helped that Trump was aggressive in using personal services contracts to circumvent the USFL’s salary cap. Trump neither pioneered the move, nor was he alone in doing it, but it did help the Generals have a roster with Walker and several NFL defectors in 1984, and was key to adding Doug Flutie in 1985.


The USFL didn’t mind at all because the league wanted a prominent team in the New York area, just as the Republican Party hasn’t minded Trump’s end-around on countless laws because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has gotten to rubber stamp a generation’s worth of lifetime judgeships.

“I watched him in the boardroom,” Walker said. “He could be in the middle of a big meeting, but if one of the kids was on the phone, he dropped everything to take the call.”


Walker was a Celebrity Apprentice contestant, where “he had problems at times with argumentative Tom Green and Clint Black.” That’s what used to pass for surrealism, back in the halcyon days of 2009. Also, Trump’s kids were part of that show. Also, is it supposed to be a good thing that the president is a guy who will drop everything to deal with the issues of his dumbass adult children? Also, one of those dumbass adult children met with a Russian lawyer who offered dirt on his last electoral opponent.

“He taught me that your family should be your top priority,” Walker said.

First of all, Walker didn’t know this and had to learn it from Donald Trump? Second of all, we’re talking about the same Donald Trump who showed Stormy Daniels a picture of his wife and newborn son before having sex with her.


“It hurt my soul to hear the terrible names that people called Donald,” Walker said. “The worst one is ‘racist.’”

That’s not a name. It’s an adjective and an accurate one. Trump rose to political stardom with the racist birther movement to degrade Barack Obama, and was trying last week to run the same playbook on Kamala Harris. His racism is documented back to the 1970s. Why does the truth hurt Walker’s soul?


“I take it as a personal insult that people would think I’ve had a 37-year friendship with a racist,” Walker said.

Nobody thinks that, because it’s obviously not true.

Donald Trump does not have friends. Donald Trump does not seek friends. Donald Trump has and seeks people he can take advantage of to enrich himself. When he bought the Generals, 37 years ago, Donald Trump lucked into meeting one of the biggest marks of his life, and he’s still taking advantage of Walker today.


What’s wrong with Herschel Walker? He still can’t see it.

Mike Trout may have a future in meteorology, but it may not be every 10 minutes on news radio along with the traffic, because the best baseball player of his generation needs a little seasoning on that front.


With Tropical Storm Laura expected to become a hurricane and postponing Thursday’s Angels-Astros game to Tuesday as part of a doubleheader, Trout revealed that he’s afraid of flying, really can’t stand turbulence, and “we’re driving six hours west and then flying,” if that’s what it takes to get out of taking off in the middle of a storm.

That would be completely unnecessary. San Antonio is three hours west of Houston, and the forecast there for Thursday is partly cloudy skies with winds of 5-10 miles per hour. What’s six hours west of Houston? That would be Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, not to be confused with Venezuelan star Ronald Acuña Jr., currently on the IL for Atlanta with a wrist injury. Maybe he can be the traffic to Trout’s weather, though.


Kole Calhoun made what he thought was a heady play to get out of a rundown, but was called out for interference because a runner isn’t allowed to intentionally deflect a throw. Unless you’re Reggie Jackson.


Did Devon Toews call glass? Doesn’t really matter, because Devon Toews called game with a length-of-the-ice, empty-net goal to seal the Islanders’ 4-0 win over the Flyers in the opener of their Eastern Conference semifinal.


The Associated Press released its preseason college football Top 25. In the story explaining this, they wrote, “When the season starts — if the season starts — the Buckeyes and 53 other Bowl Subdivision teams will no longer be eligible for inclusion in the Top 25 because they have postponed their seasons to the spring.” If this seems incredibly stupid to you, you’re wrong, because it means that if there’s a college football season this fall, it will end with Ohio State unranked.


Remember when the Lakers and Bucks were in trouble after losing Game 1 of their respective first-round series? Yeah, they’re both up 3-1 now. The Lakers wore special “Black Mamba” uniforms to honor Kobe Bryant because Monday was 8/24, the late legend’s two jersey numbers. They actually looked really good. And to wrap up for today, Eldridge Recasner went on the news in Seattle to share his memories of Bryant after his death in January.

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