‘Hey, We’re Right Here Orange’ Hue Didn’t Prevent Daytona Crash

Starworks Motorsport’s Prototype Challenge cars were given the best extra-bright liveries this year with comical names. The No. 8 “Please Don’t Hit Me Pink” already did some hitting, and now the No. 88 “Hey, We’re Right Here Orange” was unfortunately involved in a crash on the 1-2 banking.


James Dayson in the No. 88 moved up the Turn 1 banking in response to Eric Curran’s No. 31 Whelen Engineering car coming up fast behind him, but ran out of track. The No. 88 found himself squeezed out of room, ultimately hitting the upper wall and skidding off into the infield.

Quick recap of how these livery colors are working out:


  • Pros: The sparks coming from the crash were also orange, and made the No. 88 even easier for oncoming traffic to spot.
  • Cons: Y’all are crashing.

The smackeroo brought out a full course yellow to pick up the bright bits of the No. 88 car. Fortunately, both drivers are fine, and the No. 31 is still out on track right now. The No. 88, however, will take significantly longer to repair.

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