Horror Movie Makers Think Ford Is The Most Terrifying Automaker

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It’s spooky season, and that means The Brands are doing some fun research into horror movies and the cars that star in them — and one company, Bristol Street Motors, has made a convincing case that Ford is the most horrifying brand of them all.


To come up with this data, Bristol Street Motors analyzed 690 cars that featured in Empire’s list of the 50 Best Horror Films, and Jalopnik’s own Steve DaSilva ran a secondary study pulling data from IMCDb to verify BSM’s findings. After all of that, we can confirm that, yes, Ford pops up more frequently than any other automaker and that Ford’s F-Series vehicles are most common.

Here’s how the numbers shake out, from Bristol Street Motors:

  1. Ford – 113 appearances
  2. Chevrolet – 64 appearances
  3. Volkswagen – 31 appearances
  4. Dodge – 30 appearances
  5. Fiat – 22 appearances
  6. Pontiac – 19 appearances
  7. Toyota – 19 appearances
  8. Volvo – 18 appearances
  9. Mercedes-Benz – 15 appearances
  10. Honda – 14 appearances

And here’s the specific breakdown of the most common models. BSM notes that the F-Series pickup trucks are especially popular in B-movie horrors:

  1. Ford F-Series – 13 appearances
  2. Ford Crown Victoria – 9 appearances
  3. Cadillac Fleetwood – 8 appearances
  4. Chevrolet C/K – 8 appearances
  5. Ford Custom – 7 appearances
  6. Ford LTD Country Squire – 7 appearances
  7. Volkswagen Beetle – 7 appearances
  8. Ford Escort – 6 appearances
  9. Ford Mustang – 6 appearances
  10. Ford Transit – 6 appearances

These numbers are fascinating, but I can’t say that they’re exactly surprising. Most of the movies on Empire’s list are American (as in, made by an American or filmed in America), so it’s no surprise that we’d get a lot of American classics popping up on the list.

The F-Series’s top spot makes sense, too, considering the fact that it’s been the top-selling vehicle model in America for 34 years in a row and that Ford is America’s most popular automaker. It follows that they’d end up in movies more frequently than other makes or models.

But still, keep that one on your mind the next time you hop behind the wheel of your F-150.

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