Hot Damn it’s a Hot Rod

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You’ve probably seen some of the project cars that Mike Burroughs has built. You might be familiar with his badass BMW, Rusty Slammington. Or maybe you know his gorgeous BMW E28 track car. Or his first hot rod build, with BMW power, that I inexplicably stumbled upon in Belgium of all places. He’s hammered together a lot of projects in the last decade, but this new hot rod is perhaps his most ambitious one yet.

This certainly ranks up there among my favorite in the Hoonigan Build Biology series. There is some seriously next level shit on this truck.

There are very few components of the original Ford truck in this hot rod. The cab is pretty much as he found it, except it’s been chopped 3″. The chassis is a complete custom fabrication, and looks like a traditional hot rod up front but out back behind the cab is a very trophy-truck-looking setup with an exposed radiator, cantilever pushrod suspension, and a big fuel cell.

Mike did all of the suspension fabrication himself, adapting modern Mustang uprights and a custom twin A-arm front suspension to his contraption.


The wheels. My god the wheels. They’re incredible IMSA prototype wheels mounted with a set of Michelin racing rain tires. The spindles were custom machined to accept that motorsport center lock hub. That’s just going above and beyond.

And that’s to say nothing of the 800-ish horsepower Supercharged Ford Coyote engine and Jerico 4-speed dog box transmission.

Burroughs just sold off a couple of his projects to fund the start up of a new fabrication shop with Riley Stair, the guy that home-built that wild Pontiac Trans Am that everyone went gaga over at SEMA. With the two of those guys already mega fabricators, I can’t wait to see the kinds of projects that pour out of that shop. You can follow along with their progress over at @protomachine on Instagram.


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