How much can $750 buy you in the sports world? Not much

What a BIG PHONY LOSER this guy is!

What a BIG PHONY LOSER this guy is!
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Yesterday the New York Times published a damning report about Donald Trump’s tax record.


The Times found that the current President is in an audit war with the IRS, has “hundreds of millions in debt coming due,” and has avoided paying years of income tax.

But it’s the opening paragraph that seems to be the story’s main talking point. It reads:

“Donald J. Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency. In his first year in the White House, he paid another $750.”


$750 in federal income taxes for a self-proclaimed billionaire and, if you haven’t figured it out yet, an obvious con-artist.

In June, after a Tulsa Trump rally drew only 6,200 spectators in a 19,199 seat arena, we gave you a list of high school gyms that Trump wouldn’t have been able to sell out.

Today, we’ll show you how far $750 really goes in the sports world.

  • $750 could get you four rounds of weekend golf at Trump Ferry Point golf course in the Bronx if you are a New York City resident. If you’re from outside the five boroughs, get ready to cough it up, because your weekend course rate is $225 for a round of 18.
  • A few months from now, Alabama and Auburn are scheduled to play in the annual Iron Bowl (for now). The cheapest seats in Tuscaloosa are over $300. You won’t be anywhere near the field unless you pay over $750. And, remember, all that ticket money you’ll spend to see young men play a game is just creating a great atmosphere for the athletes, not robbing them of potential wealth… right?
  • According to this statistic, the New York Mets, on average, sell the most expensive beer in baseball. How expensive, you say? $11 — a number I find way too low. But, for the sake of this piece, let’s use it. How many beers would you have to buy at Citi Field to spend $750? [grabs calculator]. 68 beers. You’ll have $2 left over. That’s not enough to take the train home.
  • Frustrated Eagles fan? Too bad you can’t physically go to the Linc to boo your team this year. What you can do, however, is buy fan cutouts at 100 bucks a pop for Eagles personnel to put in the stands. So a family of four, along with grandma, grandpa and a cousin can get you in under $750, with a little left over.
  • One round of golf at Pebble Beach with a caddie will cost you $720. You can’t even play with a friend for under a grand.
  • Professional golf hands out some of the biggest prize money in sports. But amateur golfers can only win up to $750 in prize money if they win a USGA tournament.
  • Interested in attending this week’s Steelers-Titans game in Nashville? Well, the cheapest seat on Stubhub is $300. If $750 is your budget, you can afford to take a plus-one.
  • For $750, you could get one 50-yard sideline ticket to see the Browns play the Cowboys in Jerryworld.
  • Want to ski during the holidays (and the pandemic)? To ride the chairlift at one of the northeast’s most popular mountains, Killington, you’ll have to throw down $130 for a single day lift ticket. Six lift tickets will put you just over $750.
  • According to the Chicago Tribune, professional Ultimate Frisbee players make between $350 to $700 per year. But most frisbee players are gainfully employed and play professionally on the weekends. Still, they probably pay more income tax than Trump.
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