How To Get Mad On Track Without Losing Your Cool

GIF via Nick Heidfeld

Admittedly, giving someone the middle finger is somewhatlosing your cool, but it’s nowhere near as bad as running into the guy you’re annoyed with. This one-bird salute from Formula E’s Nick Heidfeld is the smoothest middle finger I’ve seen in ages. Watch and learn.

I’m fairly certain Heidfeld has reasons (named Hamilton and Vettel) for reposting this gem from the Berlin ePrix today, but he’s raised bird-giving to an art form here.


I’m weirdly mesmerized by this GIF of Heidfeld shooting one hand up in frustration, and then curling it over to give slower driver Daniel Abt a one-finger salute and continuing with his business. No damaged cars. No carbon fiber bits left on the track.


It’s just smooth. This is a masterclass in How To Be Annoyed On Track.

Sure, you can always hop on your team radio and compare your own car to a GP2 race car, but your nemesis can’t see that. Gesture like a boss, and never lose your cool.

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