How to Transform a Fire-Charred Runaway Diesel into a Proper Race Truck Overnight

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Remember that 2000 hp runaway diesel truck we wrote about a few weeks ago? The one that exploded into a giant, angry fireball on the dyno during the middle of a race weekend? Here’s how the team busted their collective ass to make sure their truck would be good to go for the next day’s competition.

In just over seventeen hours, the Dirty Hooker Diesel team managed to transform their Chevy from charred mess to actual competitor in the Ultimate Callout Challenge event. All it took was some damn hard work.

The guys at 1320video followed the DHD team throughout their chaotic night to see exactly what it takes to essentially hand craft the equivalent of an automotive phoenix.

After a full teardown to assess the damage came the realization that the team might just be able to pull off this feat. Luckily, DHD came prepared with most of the spare parts they needed for a significant rebuild, so it was actually feasible that they could pull it off.

By midnight, the team had torn most of the truck apart, casting off charred parts and repairing the vehicle while also getting the truck spec’d out for the tractor pull the following day. At that point, they were basically running on a little bit of hope and probably a hell of a lot of caffeine.

When the 1320video guys returned the next morning, the team had basically done it. Kitted out with a motor from the previous year that had been brought to the event to be sold, brand new wiring, and an entirely new transmission, the formerly ashen disaster was looking a lot more like the truck it once was. With two hours left, they had to finish up their wiring. The bodywork, though, carried the battle scars of the previous day’s disaster.


So, how’d they do? DHD managed to knock out a second place in the tractor pull on the first pass with their previous year’s motor.

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