Hyper Light Drifter’s Wii U version is “currently in limbo”

While we all “patiently” wait for Kickstarter sensation Hyper Light Drifter to finally make its way onto shelves and change our lives forever, the word is out that Wii U owners might not get the chance to experience the sting at all.

Developer Heart Machine explains in an update on the game’s Kickstarter page, detailing why the Nintendo build of this highly anticipated indie game is “currently in limbo.”

We had information about our engine, two years back, when we announced support for the platform. This had assured us we could port to the Wii U with relatively little hassle by now. However, due to ongoing internal contractual issues beyond our control between the platform holder and engine developer, we just don’t know when or if this situation will have a good resolution. We are looking into the options available and doing what we can to help push the issue, including posting about it here.

It sounds as if the whole situation is out of Heart Machine’s hands. The update says that it will keep the Wii U version on the table should the problem resolve itself. However, if Hyper Light Drifter is forever doomed to not grace a Nintendo platform, then Heart Machine will happily give Wii U owners a code for another version.

The cynic in me says that they’ll have nothing to worry about. Hyper Light Drifter will no doubt be delayed into 2017, and hopefully the whole situation will resolve itself by then. Afterwards, a new issue will arise when all of the Wii U owners have moved onto the NX.

When does it ever end?! Hyper Light Drifter is scheduled for a release in Q1 2016 for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and PC.

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