I Accidentally Crashed A Bentley Event In Tokyo, But Was Welcomed Anyway

The main purpose of today’s Jalopnik East excursion was to check out the Toyota Showcase City at Megaweb in Odaiba. Instead, I stumbled into the middle of a private demonstration and test drive event for Bentley… and they let me in!

I have to be honest with you that it sounds about what it was. A select and small customer group getting to thrash Bentleys (mostly Bentaygas), and I believe I saw one other reporter. That really was it. So how did I get in? My bright smile and winning charm?

Nope. It was me sidling up, asking what was going on, and handing over my business card to staff person, explaining I was an automotive journalist. The staff told me to wait for a moment while they went and informed the marketing guy in charge of the event.


“I’ve never heard of Jalopnik.” I flipped over the card. “Gawker? …OH, Gizmodo! Lifehacker! Kotaku! I know those! It’s the same company?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “We’re the automotive section. Jalopnik is all about cars. I was just over at MegaWeb, and I saw all the Bentleys, so I had to come over and investigate.”


“Well,” he said slowly, “You can take as many photos or as much video as you want, but you won’t be able to do a test drive.”

I was fine with that. Especially since I was handed an Oolong tea almost immediately after by chipper young woman. Not bad for crashing the party.

And boy the pictures did I get. Ready for the Bentleys? Yeah, you’re ready for the Bentleys.

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