I Need You To Know That Segway Has An Electric Motorcycle That Looks Really Freakin’ Cool

Image: Segway

Since it was acquired by Ninebot in 2015, the Segway brand has gradually been branching out into the consumer market with a series of electric kick scooters, and even a little EV gokart for kids. This year the American electric transport company is taking shit serious. It all started last year with the 185 lb-ft Dirt eBike based on the Sur Ron Bee, which rips. And did you know Segway has a series of hybrid powersports models?

Now, ahead of an official unveil at CES next week, the Segway Apex has hit the internet, and I have to admit I flippin’ love this thing. There have been plenty of electric sport bike concepts, but none look quite so fleshed out and actually possible as this one. Sure, it’s still a concept with no discussion of its specs or if/when it will hit production, but at least it actually runs and rides. This isn’t just some design study, it’s a ripper. Check this out.

You probably know what a Segway is. It’s that two-wheeled personal transporter used by Paul Blart-types to cruise around the dying local shopping mall. Yeah, this is the same Segway, but with a brand new groove. Instead of building mobility scooters for people who can still stand, but don’t want to walk. This ain’t it, chief.


So what does Segway know about making a proper sport bike chassis? Probably nothing. Which is why it is so great that it appears to be based on an already great sport bike chassis, Yamaha’s sublime R6. The folks over at RideApart brought up that it looks R6-based, so I went hunting for similarities. While it’s quite obvious that the plastic is different, and the Segway doesn’t have a radiator or, you know, and engine, the overall shape is pretty similar.

We don’t get a lot of angles of the Apex, but you can see rear swingarm, sprockets, kickstand, and pillion foot rests that look almost identical to the Yamaha’s. Maybe it’s just the angle, but I think the Segway might have a beefed up swingarm to handle the electric’s torque.


The R6, which has been on sale in its current iteration since 2017, makes use of a 3-way adjustable 43mm inverted KYB front fork and a 4-way adjustable KYB piggyback rear shock, plus twin 320mm front brakes and a 220mm rear disc. The internal combustion bike weighs 419 pounds dripping wet. That 599cc inline four engine produces 116 horsepower and 45 lb-ft of torque.

It this electric superbike has the known quantity chassis of an R6, that’s a truly great place to start. If Segway can give its apparently R6-based Apex a good amount of torque (its lightweight dirtbike has nearly 200 lb-ft for goodness sake!) and keep the weight under 500-ish pounds, it could really have a winner on its hands.


I am extremely excited about the prospect of this machine. I can’t wait for the opportunity to wrap my gloves around those handlebars if/when it makes production. I’ve been looking for a fun eBike to commute on, and this would absolutely fit the bill. Come on Segway, shed your dumpy mall cop image by giving us this exquisite motorcycle.

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