I Regret To Inform You The Motor Is Blown

Are you looking for an affordably-priced, trusty, vintage but not ancient, old but still stylish, not-huge offroader? Well I hate to say that this outstanding imported 1991 Suzuki Jimny’s turbo motor is blown.

It’s great! Look at the side swoosh. Look at the graphics. Look into it and see yourself. You look… the same, but there’s something different. Someone just gave you a really nice compliment, a smile, a wave. That’s the compliment, the smile, the wave you got as the owner of this Suzuki Jimny. You are a better, sweeter person with this in your life. Drive right over to Jackson Heights in Queens, scoop it up, complete with lifted suspension and some extremely pothole-proof tires, and you’d be golden.


Except, well, the motor is blown. The turbo three-cylinder under the diminutive but rather lofty hood is not working. Replace it if you want, but a perfect vision of instant perfection this is not. It is, sadly, a double-layer Craigslist dream. The $6,000 asking price (full listing here) leaves out whatever you might have to spend to get it actually running and working.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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