I Was Completely Infatuated With The Normal Cars Of Italy

Rome, Italy is as much of a “car city” as New York- it’s a real pain to park and the roads are rough, but there are a few diehards with sweet rides crammed into back corners of cobblestone streets. Also, every little econobox from Europe looks fresh and exotic if you’re used to American traffic!

I was in Rome last month road testing the 2017 McLaren 720S, which was generally spectacular. But I found time to wolf some pasta down my gullet and scope out some cars before the festivities began.


There are lot of scooters, generally tiny commuter cars, and a handful of very cool police-duty Land Rovers that I caught on my brief tour around the center of town.

I came back home with a newfound appreciation for Fiats, Alfa Romeos, and cute police sirens. American cop cars got nothing on their European counterparts when it comes to whimsy.

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