Idiot of the Month: November’s most mind-blowing acts of stupidity

Kelly Stafford

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It’s always good to see people learn from their transgressions, but even with that, when a public figure does something outrageous, sometimes ya just gotta hit ’em with a place on IDIOT OF THE MONTH. Kelly Stafford certainly earned her nomination when she hurled her pretzel at a fan as her husband, Matthew Stafford, and the Rams put a 31-10 scraping on the 49ers in Santa Clara.

Kelly acknowledged her poor decision-making on her podcast and gave a halfhearted “apology” at best.

“I’m human, I make mistakes, and I own up to them, I don’t fucking hide from them, that’s not me,” Kelly said on her podcast, The Morning After.

“I’ve always been taught, I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I do stuff probably in a hot second, but I also realize in a hot second, not the best, and I go up and I apologize.”

Take Stafford’s apology however you like. One thing that has come from “pretzelgate” is that Kelly will no longer be attending Rams away games at her husband’s request. Ultimately these actions reflect upon him, since she is his significant other.

Sure, this wasn’t the worst thing we’ve ever seen in an NFL stadium, but as a public figure (and being related to one), you’ve got to know that cameras are everywhere. Anything you say or do publicly is going to be archived and released to the masses immediately. I know it’s tough to keep emotions in check, but you can’t be out here trying to start food fights in stadiums. Knowing how crazy fans can be, I’m sure some have crossed the line with Kelly verbally as well, but it’s always just best to walk away. Reacting never helps in the long run, trust me. But we’ll see how long she can stay away from road games over the last part of this season.

When the playoffs roll around, I’d be shocked to not see Kelly seated somewhere in an opposing team’s stadium since it seems like the Rams won’t be playing too many games in Los Angeles come late January.

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