If You Need To Get It Done, Get A Buick

Gif: tupapimunenoh on TikTok

I bet you’ve got something that needs doing. An article that needs writing. A piece of furniture that needs hauling. A different car that needs moving. I just want you to know: Any Buick outfitted with a 3800 can do it, no matter what ‘it’ is.


How can I prove it, you ask? I refer only to the following viral video from TikTok user tupapimunenoh. You just need to watch it. Just watch the whole thing:

Yes. That is a Buick towing an Expedition that is towing a trailer with an RV hooked up to it.

My mom is the one who showed me this video, and I have been fully unable to stop thinking about it. Once you wrap your head around the sheer amount of torque it must have taken to get this whole train rolling, you have to wonder: how do they turn and stop? These vehicles are all tied together with nothing more than a strap and some prayers. Hit the brakes, and they all go accordioning into one another. Try to take a turn, and it’s going to take a while before that RV in the back gets the message.

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It’s the kind of sorcery I should be old enough not to believe in, but I’ll be damned if this Buick didn’t have me thinking miracles can happen with nothing but some determination.

A quick look through the comments gives a little bit more information: the video was filmed in Portland, and plenty of folks are theorizing that there’s a driver in the Expedition to help brake, turn, and haul the massive load. Sure, that kills a little bit of the magic — but I’m just going to pretend that that person is behind the wheel as a witness of God’s power and nothing more.


And while it should go without saying: please don’t try this at home.

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