If Your Vacuum Still Has a Cord, You Want This Deal

Refurb Dyson V7 Motorhead Vacuum | $190 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon
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Once you buy a Dyson cordless stick vacuum, something strange happens to your brain chemistry: you actually start to enjoy vacuuming. Or at least you don’t mind it. When you eliminate the cord unwrapping ritual without sacrificing power, it barely feels like a chore. It’s the equivalent of checking a text on your phone, versus walking to your computer, turning it on, opening a browser, and going to your email.

The Dyson V7 isn’t the newest or most powerful model, but its brush bar is 75% more powerful than the V6, making it great for low pile rugs and carpets, in addition to hard floors. The V6 is one of my favorite purchases of the last several years, and today’s refurbished V7 deal is less than I spent on my own refurb.

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