I’m Starting To Think There May Be A Delay With A Tesla Product

A digitally rendered Tesla Cybertruck prototype

Image: Tesla

I hope I’m wrong. I really hope I’m wrong. But for some reason, I get the feeling that Tesla might possibly deliver a product later than it originally suggested.


That’s shocking to read, I know. Maybe I should have started by telling you to sit down. That might have helped prepare you for the kind of news that could alter your entire understanding of the universe. But yes, you read that correctly. I believe (and this is just a hunch) that Tesla may be dealing with a production delay. Not just any product, either. A Cybertruck delay.

No! Not the Cybertruck! Ever since the official reveal, we’ve been confident the Cybertruck was absolutely real and definitely going into production looking exactly the way it did on stage (hopefully, minus the broken window). According to a report from Electrek, though, we may have been too confident.

As Electrek points out, ever since Tesla revealed the Cybertruck, the website has shown information such as pricing, acceleration figures, tow specs, and estimated range. But when you check the order page today, this is all you see:

A screenshot of the Tesla Cybertruck's order page without pricing or specs

Image: Tesla

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Yes, even though Tesla is still happy to take your $100 deposit, the information on what that deposit actually reserves has disappeared. We don’t want to jump to any conclusions here, so it’s possible everything is still on track for a late 2021 launch. Wait, sorry. A late 2022 launch. But you have to admit that information’s disappearance is at least a little suspicious.

As Electrek points out, though, it’s possible the Cybertruck won’t be delayed again. Instead, Tesla might simply be raising the price, reducing performance, and cutting the range. That’s also hard to believe, but you never know. There could be some truth there.


In fact, it’s at least hypothetically possible the production Cybertruck will be more expensive, slower, tow less, and have a shorter range than Tesla originally claimed AND also be delayed until 2023 or 2024. But that would be absurd. Tesla’s never done anything like that before, and we’re sure we have every reason to trust Musk has it all under control.

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