Weird flex to pivot from swastikagate to cozying up with alleged sex predators, but you do you, Herschel

Who knew that the pairing of New Jersey Generals owner Donald Trump and running back Herschel Walker would haunt us almost 20 years later?

Who knew that the pairing of New Jersey Generals owner Donald Trump and running back Herschel Walker would haunt us almost 20 years later?
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​​It was only last month that the world was reminded — and presented with sickening details — of Ric Flair’s alleged sexual assault of a flight attendant on WWE’s infamous “Flight From Hell” in 2002.


So, cancel culture being what it is, that’s the last we’d ever hear about Flair in a public setting, right?

Oh, you thought cancel culture was real? Ha! You must have also thought that Flair and Dusty Rhodes really hated each other all those years.

Of course Flair is back in the news already, and of course he’s finding comfort hanging out with another alleged sexual predator, former President Donald J. Trump. Both of those too-tanned egotists will be part of a faded-star-studded fundraiser for former USFL running back and current U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker — who we learned this week is definitely not a Nazi sympathizer because his campaign explicitly had to say so.

Doug Flutie, of course, played with Walker for the New Jersey Generals, the team owned by Trump before — like so many of The Donald’s ventures — they went out of business. More recently, Flutie has been on television helping Frank Thomas sell Nugenix, the thing that isn’t quite a steroid, isn’t quite a dick pill, and isn’t quite something you should probably put in your body. He should be right at home with a bunch of people who have suggested hydroxychloroquine, bleach, and horse dewormer as potential coronavirus cures!

And then there’s Tom Glavine. He’s only seemingly connected to Walker through the post-career athlete charity circuit, which is a good thing. He’s also a rich white guy who grew up playing hockey and then became a pro baseball player, so it’s not stunning that the lefty’s politics would veer right. Still, it takes a special kind of person, and not a good kind of special, to be like, “Mar-A-Lago fundraiser? And I’m on the dais? Sign me up!”


For just a thousand bucks, you can have dinner in the same room as all of these has-beens, and also share air with a lot of people who, uh, you’re not gonna want to share air with in the middle of this pandemic. But we never said any of this was a good idea. Quite the opposite, just like pivoting away from swastikas by cozying up to sex pests.

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