Investment banks to mattresses: Here are 13 companies complaining that the US presidential election is impacting business

Dunkin’ Brands

Dunkin' Brands

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Ticker: DNKN

Company Description: Restaurant and food brands that owns Dunkin’ Donuts stores.

Executive Commentary: “What is driving franchisees towards the lower end is several factors, and I’ve described it, put it together as uncertainty, as uncertainty over the general election, Senate, obviously, the House, and local elections.

And it was interesting earlier this year — and I have a feeling I’ve said this on an earlier earnings call — I was with some franchisees in one state that I won’t name. And I’ve said to them, look, you’re going to open one store this year, why don’t you open two? And their response was uncertainty, regulation, we don’t know where the minimum wage is going. There was just so much uncertainty,” said CEO Nigel Travis

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