iOS 10 will help you remember where you parked

Apple is making sweeping updates to Apple Maps in iOS 10, and one of them is going to help you remember where you parked your car. Yes, Google Maps has had this feature for a bit, but it’s definitely useful during busy shopping days, like during the Christmas season at the mall. Trust me, now just a year into my thirties, I’m already discovering I forget plenty of things.

The new feature in Apple Maps on iOS 10 was spotted by an AppleInsider reader who published the above screen shot. It shows where a car is parked inside what appears to be a parking garage of sorts. AppleInsider said that Apple Maps is smart enough to know when you’re parking your car at a destination that isn’t home (an address that’s usually saved in your contact information, by the way) and then places a marker. There’s even a parked car widget, it seems, which will tell an end user where his or her car is right on the lock screen.

iOS 10 is currently in a developer preview only, which means it’s not ready for you to use on a smartphone you use as a daily driver. Apple hopes to launch a public preview this summer, with the final release scheduled for September. Want a closer look? Dig through our iOS 10 gallery below.

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