iOS 9.3 major features revealed: Night Shift, CarPlay updates and more

Apple just released the first beta for iOS 9.3, revealing a handful of exciting new features. Here’s everything you get for upgrading to the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system:

Night Shift is a new feature that automatically shifts the light created by your display from a bright blue to a warmer tone at night, making it easier to fall asleep. Apple says iOS 9 will know when to switch each night based on your location and the clock app, though we assume you’ll have to opt-in first. This also sounds extremely similar to F.lux, a popular third-party app that was blocked from launching on iOS last year by Apple.

Next is a nice update for Apple’s Notes app. Moving forward you’ll be able to lock up specific notes with personal information using Touch ID or a regular password. The upgraded app will also let you sort your notes based on date created, date modified or alphabetically.

Apple’s also improving its News app with better personalized recommendations. The new For You tab will offer up trending stories and Editor’s Picks. You’ll even be able to play a video straight from the feed. Health gets an upgrade as well, making it easier to find third-party health and fitness apps. More information will also show up on your Apple Watch.

With iOS 9.3, Apple is adding a few new CarPlay features too. You can access the New and For You tabs in Apple Music from your dashboard, while Nearby in Apple Maps will make it easier to find the closest gas station, parking lot or restaurant.

Finally, the company is adding multi-user login through its Education Preview, making it possible for multiple students to set up their own accounts on the same device. Hopefully a similar feature is also coming to all iOS devices soon.

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