It Pains Me to Say That DUDE Shower Body Wipes Are Pretty Great

DUDE Shower Body Wipes
DUDE Shower Body Wipes
Graphic: Tercius Bufete
No Thought, Just BoughtBefore making most purchases, we meticulously research all of our options, wait for deals, and try to make an informed buying decision. But sometimes, we just buy things on a whim, and end up loving them anyway. No Thought, Just Bought is a space to share the impulse purchases that exceeded our expectations.

It hate how much I love my DUDE Shower Body Wipes.

Putting aside the obnoxious, bro-centric branding and sigh-inducing product descriptions, the large, disposable body wipes are a persistent staple in my hiking backpack, gym bag, and hidden away inside my drawers.

I consider myself a clean person: I shower every day, brush my teeth in the frequency recommended by my dentist, and I’ve even used a facemask or two. But despite my commitment to personal hygiene, there are situations where showers are impossible.


After a hike, there’s nothing I crave more than a gigantic plate of anything, but I always feel tremendously guilty going directly into a restaurant after a long, sweaty hike. Look, showers are hard to come by in the wild and, well, most greasy spoons lack a tub. While some would choose to “rough it,” I don’t want to stink up the joint and ruin other people’s meals. What can I say, I’m a man of the people.

So, I settle for the next best thing.

The expanded surface area and thickness of these wipes make cleaning up really fast and easy. I also really like the neutral smell they have. (They claim to pack Aloe and Vitamin-E, and don’t use alcohol, so, that’s a bonus, I guess.)


And, yes, DUDE Shower Body Wipes are ostensibly giant baby wipes. In fact, that’s what I was originally shopping for when I stumbled unto this product. I needed something to use after my lunch break trips to the gym. And what are dudes but giant babies? And that larger size makes all the difference, by the way.

And I could dance around it, but it’s easier to just say it: I’m not at the point in my life where I refuse the late-night booty call.


And, in case you haven’t had the privilege, those don’t always come with much warning and you often don’t have the opportunity to take a proper shower. (Living in a neighborhood with a high concentration of bars is a blessing and a curse.)

As we approach peak casual sex season, DUDE Shower Body Wipes are a must-have for courteous dudes, and a public service to boot. They aren’t a product I’m necessarily proud to own, but one I’d recommend, and I’m lucky to have in a pinch.

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