Jalen Hurts is trending up and Philly will be better because of it

Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts has been terrific in training camp thus far.

Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts has been terrific in training camp thus far.
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Jalen Hurts is going to surprise a lot of people this season.

The Eagles’ second-year quarterback has reportedly been locked in and is determined to get better every single day. He’s even gaining the respect of a lot of his teammates as the new franchise QB.


If you’ve followed Hurts throughout his collegiate career, nothing about what’s been reported about his work ethic and leadership will surprise you. He’s been that guy since he was at Alabama.

What has turned the tide on the perception of Hurts is how much his skillset as a passer continues to improve. He’s quickly turning into a guy that can make most of the throws that are necessary to win football games on Sunday.

Eagles fans might be able to have confidence in Hurts as a passer. That’s a statement not many people would have said coming into his rookie season.


He was limited as a thrower during his time as a starter at Alabama, but the year where he was the backup behind Tua Tagovailoa, you could see improvement in his accuracy and timing. And once he transferred to Oklahoma he was able to become a Heisman finalist as the starter in Norman.

It’s clear that Hurts is a guy who is trending up. Which is one of the reasons he finished the season last year as the Eagles starter because he was replacing a guy in Carson Wentz who was trending down.


Hurts already had the athleticism to make game-changing plays, and the intangibles to get a team to follow his lead. He’s the type of individual that you would want to lead your organization. There was only one question mark surrounding Hurts and it was his accuracy, and he seems to be proving that he can be an accurate passer against top-level competition.

If Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni can put his full confidence in Hurts and allow him access to all areas of the playbook, they’ll see a great return on their investment in him as their quarterback of the future.

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