Jalopnik Readers Are The Best, And Here’s Proof In Stop-Motion Animation

Jalopnik Readers Are The Best, And Here's Proof In Stop-Motion Animation

One of my absolute favorite things about this job are our readers. Sure, sometimes it’s like having someone stand behind you all day reminding you what an idiot you are, but more often it’s just great interactions with people who love cars. And they’re doing fun stuff with a model of my car.

What’s happening, as I’ve talked about before, is a bunch of readers, most loosely part of the Live and Let Diecast group, have made a little model of my ‘73 Beetle and have been sending it around the world. Like, all over — Paris, Spain, Mexico, wherever, and they’ve been taking amazing photos of it, in these great places.

Now it’s in Australia, and someone’s making these fantastic little stop-motion videos:


… and


These are great, right? Look at that little set! Look at how the camera pans around! I love the cotton ball tire-smoke!

This is great stuff, Tinfoil Hat in a thunderstorm. I’m always delighted to see where the car goes next, and I hope everyone involved in this bonkers enterprise understands how much it means to me, how appreciative of this automotive honor, I am.

I’ll keep trying to be worth these amazing photos and now little videos.


Thanks so much.

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