Jay Leno’s ‘2,500 HP On 2 Wheels’ Didn’t Exactly Go As Planned


Something that’s apparently been on his bucket list since childhood, Jay Leno recently hopped into a 2,500-horsepower car that pops up two wheels for show. The problem was, the vehicle didn’t stay on two wheels for long—it went into an wild, unintended barrel roll instead.

The stunt was for a segment on Jay Leno’s Garage, in which Leno met up with the “Hemi Under Glass” driver, Bob Riggle, at Irwindale Speedway in California to go for a ride in the wheel-standing race car. It’s a Plymouth Barracuda with a Hemi engine in the back, fully visible through its glass fastback.

Riggle, now 80 years old and still piloting the vehicle, said it wasn’t originally supposed to stand on its wheels—it was built to race. On this particular run, it went from standing to rolling in just about 10 seconds. And man, did it roll:


Both Leno and Riggle said they were fine after the wreck, and the engine in the car wasn’t hurt—just a few cosmetic injuries. In the video, Riggle said the wreck was only his second in 50 years of running the car.

That’s one way to keep things new and exciting.


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