Jump around!

Jumo Around!

Jumo Around!
Screenshot: NBC

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens finally figured out a way to jump over the hurdle that had been Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, 36-35.


Jackson led the Ravens on a crazy comeback using both his arm and legs in outscoring the Chiefs 12-0 in the fourth quarter. During the comeback, Jackson made several plays, but one that is bound to catch people’s attention was made on a crucial third down in Chiefs territory.

Jackson making this kind of play is impressive since he isn’t viewed as the most accurate quarterback when his feet are on the ground. Jumping in the air while under pressure and making that pass on target is a sight to behold, and a nod to passers of a bygone leatherhead era. Not only does Jackson make the pass, but he does it while jumping into the back of one of his offensive linemen. This third-down conversion for a touchdown was huge, as it helped Baltimore close the deficit to five points.

Mahomes is no stranger himself to this type of innovative on-the-fly decision, having made a similar play against the Tennessee Titans just a couple of years ago. Watching both plays, they look almost identical, but the circumstance of each game is where the similarities cease.

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Of course, Mahomes threw a tighter spiral and had the longer completion on his jump pass TD of 63 yards to Mecole Hardman. The Chiefs had third and nine in their own territory but led 22-20 in the fourth quarter. Scoring this TD extended the lead KC against the Titans.

Lamar and the Ravens were down by 11 points when Jackson pulled off his stunning display of athleticism, hitting Marquise Brown on a 42-yard TD reception. On the replay, NBC shows the play from the angle behind the offense, and you can see how Jackson jumps and has to semi-contort his body in mid-air to make the play. Taking everything into account, I’m giving the nod to Jackson over Mahomes on his play. Both are great, but Jackson making that kind of play when you’re down double digits attempting to rally back on a big third-down can only be called clutch. And I don’t care that it happened in Week 2 of the season. The Ravens were 0-3 against the Mahomes led Chiefs with Jackson as their signal-caller heading into this game. That’s an incredible play and a fantastic win for Jackson. Lamar no longer has to hear how he can’t beat Mahomes. Not only has Jackson defeated Mahomes, but he did it in one of the most spectacular ways possible.

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