Kefka beats Sephiroth to become the first villain in Dissidia Final Fantasy

I thought it was going to be a guaranteed thing, but the ultra-popular Sephiroth will not be the first villain to join the arcade fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy. Instead, Square Enix and Koei Tecmo have turned their heads to a far superior villain in the form of Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka.

Yeah, I said it. Sephiroth wasn’t successful in his attempts to destroy the world. Kefka was!

In his introduction trailer, the “court jester turned world ruining monster” shows off skills that fit his character. He makes unpredictable moves at awkward speeds, and his attacks are largely magic based, putting him in the ranks of a ranged fighter.

Kefka joins Terra and the rest of the Final Fantasy heroes on June 30 in Japanese arcades. Square Enix has yet to deliver a release date for home consoles or news of a localization. It’s too busy bringing over mountains of JRPGs at the moment.

Now, just because I want to hear it.

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