Kevin Durant slays Skip Bayless on Twitter after tweet praising the Net’s play

Kevin Durant (l.) and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (r.)

Kevin Durant (l.) and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (r.)
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In case you’ve ever wondered where you stand with somebody like Kevin Durant, send out a Tweet and just mention his name. He’ll let you know his feelings explicitly. This is exactly what happened last night after Durant dropped a triple-double on the Toronto Raptors in a 131-129 overtime victory. Skip Bayless of FS1 and Undisputed, in turn, felt moved to praise KD.


Imagine what kind of hell Durant would have unleashed had Bayless’ tweet been negatively aimed at Durant. Of course, this isn’t anything new between these two, as Durant’s feud with Bayless goes back to his OKC Thunder days. Durant took exception to Bayless’ constant ridicule of then-teammate Russell Westbrook.

Last night’s Twitter exchange came about in a similar manner to the Westbrook-Bayless beef back in the day. Bayless took yet another jab at Lebron James in the Tweet, and it would seem reasonable to say this is what Durant took exception to.

Every day on Undisputed, Bayless champions Durant as either the best player in the world or leader in the MVP race. Still, KD could not care any less about the props given to him by Skip. Durant is very capable of holding a grudge, especially when it’s with a member of the media.

Look at Durant’s never-ending beef with Charles Barkley. The rest of the NBA on TNT crew suffers because of Barkley’s big mouth, and Durant couldn’t give a damn either way. KD is like the guy that took everyone’s crap for the first 25 years of his life, and once he was enlightened to the fact that he shouldn’t have, now the filter is completely turned off. And now anybody can get it, so I better tread lightly and choose my words wisely.


I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Durant vs. Bayless since the latter can’t seem to keep the former’s name out of his mouth. Skip has made a career of riling up professional athletes and has more than perfected the craft. Maybe we can get a petition circulating to get these two in the celebrity boxing ring together. Triller on line one. Paging Snoop D-O-double G. Now that would be comedy.

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