Kyle Shanahan tried to defend John Lynch, but we saw what he did to poor Jimmy G

John Lynch (l.) and Jimmy Garoppolo, in apparently happier times

John Lynch (l.) and Jimmy Garoppolo, in apparently happier times
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John Lynch really tried to explain away his Twitter gaffe by claiming that he was in church. On Christmas Eve, the day following Jimmy Garoppolo’s two interception performance in the San Francisco 49ers Week 16 loss to the Tennessee Titans, Lynch liked a tweet that had tagged him. It was from @40tee9er, an account that as of today has 51 followers and has tweeted a grand total of 83 times since Jan. 2011, who tweeted out that Garoppolo should be left in Nashville.


Lynch unliked the tweet, which would have been only the 23rd tweet that he liked this year. He then sent out his own tweet that explained he mistakenly liked the tweet while attending mass and expressed full confidence in Garoppolo.

First, Lynch let’s set a better example for the children. You’re at church, you’re not waiting in line at the DMV. Let’s stay focused during one of the important services of the year. You can’t even blame this on being a millennial, the Buccaneers drafted you in 1993. If anything Lynch should be steathily photographing other people on their phones during mass and then place them in his family group chat to complain about how young people can’t even focus on their Lord and saviour for an hour without being distracted by “tic tac toe or whatever they call it.”

San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan attempted to defend Lynch during his press conference on Monday.

“As soon as you read a tweet like that, I don’t think one person who knows John thinks that he did that. They’re wondering how he messed that up.


“That’s why I don’t have things like that. I would probably do the same on accident.”

There’s an example of how you should be handling social media, Lynch. Don’t have it, discuss it like you know what it’s called but don’t quite understand how it functions, or both. Also, I’ve accidentally liked a tweet before. When you like a tweet the heart flashes to a different color instantly and if it’s a mistake that flash is like an emergency alert. I unlike it in less than five seconds. There was enough time before your unlike for many people to notice what you did. I’m not accusing Lynch of anything. I’m just saying that mass must’ve been putting him to sleep like when they turn up the heat too high during school for him to not notice that heart flash, especially when he rarely likes tweets.


However, Lynch really does have a problem with Garoppolo, he might never have to admit it. Garoppolo has suffered a significant injury to the thumb on his throwing hand. The 49ers have not yet declared a starter for Week 17 against the Houston Texans, but it appears unlikely that Garoppolo will be able to play and they will have to go with rookie Trey Lance. With a thumb injury this serious, it’s questionable as to whether or not Garoppolo can return to the field this season.

Whatever controversy was stirred from Lynch poor use of social media will be completely gone after the 49ers kickoff against the Texans and all the focus will be on Lance. If that like is a proxy for Lynch’s true thoughts, he may not have to see Garoppolo take another snap as the 49ers starter without having to say anything.

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