Land Rover Discovery Sport Rolls Over After Hitting A Toyota GR Yaris

Gif: Twitter / @JamesKPatterson

I hope I’m not the first person to tell you that sport utility vehicles have a higher risk of rolling over than most other passenger vehicles. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, most SUVs have a roughly 20 percent chance of rolling over in a single-car accident. Coupes and sedans tend to have a ten percent chance of rolling over. This difference is primarily the result of SUVs having a higher center of gravity. A recent incident caught on dashcam in Birmingham, England captured this difference perfectly.


The dashcam footage posted on Twitter starts with traffic circulating the Robin Hood Island roundabout in southeast Birmingham. In the center of the frame, there’s a white Land Rover Discovery Sport. The Land Rover yields for another SUV before continuing. Further along the roundabout, traffic appears to have stopped in the center lane for some reason. The white SUV impatiently attempts to overtake the short line of cars by moving right into the innermost lane.

The Discovery’s driver smashed the throttle before becoming clear of other cars. The Land Rover plowed into the right-rear corner of a red Toyota GR Yaris. The Yaris buckled with the force of the impact but wasn’t severely damaged. The Discovery went up on two wheels and kept going up. The SUV immediately rolled over onto its roof.

It seems like Robin Hood Island can be a trouble spot for reckless driving in Birmingham. CCTV cameras caught a white van just cutting across the roundabout with zero regard for traffic laws at the start of the year. I guess the lesson of the day is to be patient. The time lost sitting behind a Yaris for a second or two is far less expensive than the bill to repair a modern Land Rover after rolling it.

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