Leaked Xiaomi Mi Notebook photo reveals a MacBook clone

xiaomi laptop leaked photo

Xiaomi already sells smartphones, tablet, smart TVs, fitness trackers, hoverboards and more, but there’s still no laptop in the Chinese company’s expansive lineup. Now it looks like the long-rumored Mi Notebook may finally be ready to launch with the first leaked photo unexpectedly hitting the web on Friday.

The Mi Notebook pictured above looks a lot like Apple’s MacBook series so let’s get that out of the way first. It feature a sleek aluminum design that’s all too familiar, and the only noticeable difference is the company’s logo. And, to be honest, it looks so similar this could be a simple Photoshop job, too. Xiaomi’s been called out for copying Apple in the past, but it has also produced some unique designs with its recent products so this comes as a bit of a letdown.

According to TechWeb, the new laptop will run Windows 10 and comes in two different sizes, though the report only mentions a 12.5-inch model. It’s allegedly set to launch this sometime this summer, which could mean anytime from later this month to September. Xiaomi has been teasing a big event coming up in July, so maybe we’ll get a closer look at the Mi Notebook then. In the meantime, we’d take this latest leak with a grain of salt.

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