LeBron James: Trump was elected by ‘goofy votes,’ just like the NBA All-Star Game

lebron james smileSteve Dykes/AP

The NBA allowed players to vote for the All-Star Game starters for the first time this season, and it didn’t go as well as many had hoped.

While it was helpful to get players’ perspectives on their peers’ seasons, the process also led to some odd votes, including many for undeserving players, some for players who hadn’t played this season, and, in one case, some for a player who has yet to play an NBA game in his career, Ben Simmons.

However, LeBron James was unfazed by the results. Speaking to the media on Friday, James said he voted for who he thought deserved to be in the game.

When one reporter said there were some “goofy votes,” James shot back: “There’s always goofy votes. I mean, Donald Trump is our president.”

Of course, James isn’t Trump’s biggest fan. James endorsed Hillary Clinton in an op-ed for Business Insider, had a scathing takedown of Trump’s “locker room talk,” said election night was “very difficult,” and didn’t stay at a Trump hotel with the Cavaliers on a trip to New York, though he said it was not politically motivated.

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