LeEco LeSEE Pro looks absolutely stunning in person

The LeEco LeSEE Pro was unveiled by the Chinese company a few months back, but we finally got the chance to check it out in person at CES this week. This is the same car that’s showing up in Transformers: The Last Knight, which was shown off by Michael Bay on the movie’s set.

Sure, the car is far from production-ready, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be part of some high-profile product placement.

The electric concept looks gorgeous and certainly looks like something that came from the future. You can make some comparisons to Tesla’s Model S, but the interior looks different. For example, when in autonomous mode, the steering wheel can retract into the dashboard, which gives drivers space to just kick back and enjoy the ride.

On the exterior, lights will inform pedestrians and other drivers when the car is in autonomous mode. There’s also a sensor on the roof though it it’s entirely clear what it’s for. It looks like a tiny hat—one that ostensibly provides the car with information for autonomous driving.

It probably won’t get made

LeEco says the car is part of the company’s hardware/content ecosystem, which the company talked about last year. It looks awesome but you have to remember this is a concept car and far from final. Regardless, it looks beautiful—check it out in the gallery above.

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