Lenovo Yoga Book: The tiny laptop with a virtual keyboard

The search for the perfect PC is still ensuing, but no clear winner has been crowned. Apple and Microsoft introduced their next attempt to grasp the crown, and their efforts look like worthy choices, but we won’t know what they can do until we get our hands on those products.

Deep in the weeds is Lenovo, which is one of the top PC-makers and has the liberty of embarking on this race with radical ideas, and its latest ultra-thin laptop might be the craziest idea yet.

The Lenovo Yoga Book offers a thinner design than any of Apple’s laptops, including the MacBook which is just 1.31 cm thick. The Yoga Book is .96 cm thick and can run Android or Windows 10. The only catch is that you need to buy the model that supports each software, you can’t use both on the same laptop.

Lenovo equipped the Yoga Book with an Intel Atom x5-Z8550 processor, Full HD display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of onboard storage and a 8,500mAh battery. It also features the usual normal laptop tricks you already know such as touch display and a tablet mode when you fold it, but that’s just the beginning.

The little laptop packs a secret feature that differentiates it from other competitors—the Halo Keyboard. Lenovo gave it a celestial name, but in reality, it’s just a touch keyboard with actual key symbols. The virtual nature eliminates switches and mechanical parts which enables the laptop to be so thin. Typing on this keyboard is certainly a new sensation, but not a very good one. It’ll be up to each individual to determine if this new keyboard is worth works for them.

The Halo Keyboard also serves a dual purpose. The Yoga Book comes with a Create Pad and Book Pad, that coupled with the Real Pen can turn the laptop into your favorite notebook. The Create Pad is put atop the Halo Keyboard, and with the Real Pen can transcribe drawings you do on it to software within the Yoga Book. The Book Pad does the same but with written words.

Lenovo’s latest crazy laptop also comes with its patented Watchband Hinge that lets you fully open up laptop from one end to the other.

This computer is not meant to be a powerhouse, but more of a creative tool. It doesn’t boast crazy amounts of RAM, but it is enough to do that job and its price point only cements that idea. The Lenovo Yoga Book runs $499 for the Android version and $549 for the Windows 10 iteration.

For a complete review of the Lenovo Yoga Book, check out Ron’s video above who tested the computer for a week.

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