Let It Die looks sickeningly cool, the next from Suda 51

We’ve all heard warnings that the Internet is home to countless images that are impossible to unsee. While we won’t go diving into any past or personal experiences, it’s safe to say that we can toss the latest trailer for Grasshopper Manufacturer’s Let It Die onto the pile.

It’s a memory that you simply can’t let die.

Not that it is violent in a blatantly generic and bloody way, but designer Suda 51’s typical quirks put the anime action on a bit of a different level. His art style borders on insanity with city layouts, particle effects, and monster designs that are just surreal and sickening to look at.

I get a real Hotline Miami meets Killer 7 vibe from this trailer, but I think we can only hope against hope that the game itself turns out to be half as intense as the trailer. Grasshopper Manufacture hasn’t been on a winning streak for quite some time, and we hope that GungHo has given them the chance to really explore the opportunities of this promising idea.

Let It Die will be further revealed at PAX East this weekend, and it will be released for the PlayStation 4.

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