Let Me Tell You About A Real Luxury Cruising Machine: The Infiniti Q45

Photo Credits: Nissan

I see you. Actually, I can smell you. You smell nice. You’re wearing a little bit of cologne today. It’s not a special day. It’s just a day, and you’re wearing a dash of something nice. Why? Because you understand the importance of quality even in the day to day. You understand luxury. You understand the Infiniti Q45.

You might be thinking, aw man, nah. Infiniti? Pff. Infiniti? My dad’s brother has one. I don’t know about him. Infiniti? My mom’s friend has one, and she’s great but she’s also, uh, loud? Not like super loud, just, like, higher volume. She’s fine, it’s just, you know, I don’t know. That’s not me, you’re thinking.


You have it all wrong. Infiniti: that’s the good stuff.

You want a smooth ride. You want a leather-lined interior. You want a blank, unblinking, grill-less face of confidence, gliding aerodynamically past the swathes of McMansion-buying, no-bargain-knowing people you have to deal with.



You want the calm of a naturally-aspirated 4.5-liter VH45DE V8 humming away ahead of you, silently spinning a driveshaft to the rear wheels. Rear-wheel drive. Yes. Again, quality in your every waking moment. Does every second of your every drive require rear-wheel drive? It does not. But it benefits from it, tickling the back of your brain like a better shirt than you needed to wear. Luxury. Not excess, not some kind of glitzy broken-down, tarted-up Maserati kind of bullshit.

A quiet quality in every moment. Quality, unto infinity.

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