Listen To A 4,000-Pound Mercedes-Benz E55 Drift And Make Its Tires Howl In Pain

GIF via FCP Euro

The W211-generation Mercedes E55 is one of those cars you’d like to be chauffeured in. It’s a big behemoth of a comfortable automatic sedan. It’s not a car you usually associate with sweet dorifto action. So, drift it anyway! I’ve never heard tires scream in terror quite like this before.

Here’s the “Drift Limo” E55 making its official debut at Sonoma. Naturally, it got busted at tech inspection for already having eaten its tires before the drift event, because that’s what 500 horsepower and 4,000 pounds of car is good at: destroying tires.


Fortunately, its owner was able to pick up a new set to destroy, and made it through tech just in time to achieve true big-bertha sideways nirvana.


The big sedan had a wonderfully grabby hydraulic emergency brake installed to help it get sideways, but as its owner explained, swapping in a manual transmission would have required far more programming than he really wanted to get into. So, he left the car’s transmission as is and got sideways anyway—slushbox, open differential and all.

Drifting In Maximum Comfort And Style

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