LiveWire’s New Teaser Will Get You Amped For The Del Mar

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We’ve known the new LiveWire Del Mar middleweight electric street trackerwas on its way for a few months now, but this flat-track-themed teaser video has us more excited than ever. The new bike is launching next week, actually next Tuesday to be exact, and it looks like it will be a real zinger. The new bike is almost definitely going to be smaller and lighter than the company’s flagship LiveWire One, bringing toe-dragging fast lap performance to the segment in a way as yet unseen.


I really like LiveWire. I like them so much I bought one of my own. There’s just something so incredible about electric propulsion on two wheels, and the Del Mar looks like it’ll continue that awesome feeling. There’s no specs available yet, but hopefully the Del Mar exchanges some power and torque for a bit more range than the LiveWire One.

Flat track motorcycle racing is totally gnarly. It takes everything out of rider and machine to get in a good lap, let alone a dozen at a time. This is exactly the kind of motorsport that electric bikes would be good at. The races are short, and rely entirely on a throttle that is easy to modulate, and a powerband that provides shove out of the corner. It would be in LiveWire’s (and American Flat Track’s) interest to enter electric motorcycles in dirt flat track competition.

Obviously this video leans heavily on Harley-Davidson’s flat track success of the past. LiveWire is technically a different brand, but it’s still part of the H-D family, and if it can not only play on that history, but continue to develop more of it in the future, I can’t fault them for that. Especially if the bike is any good. I look forward to seeing more of the bike next week, and hopefully swinging a leg over it soon!

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