Lord knows John Harbaugh didn’t want that smoke with Malcolm Butler

Got a little heated there, for a sec.

Got a little heated there, for a sec.
Screenshot: CBS

Titans defensive back Malcolm Butler looked like he was about to take Ravens coach John Harbaugh one-on-one before kickoff today.


Butler marched toward Harbaugh, seemingly egged on by the Ravens coach, while hurling back trash talk of his own. Harbaugh, reportedly taking exception to the Titans’ presence atop the Ravens’ midfield turf logo, walked out to confront Butler and his teammates.


Shortly after Butler engaged with Harbaugh, some of his Titans teammates decided to join in before refs broke up the brouhaha. Officials even had to step between Harbaugh and Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel as the dust settled.

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Tensions were already high between these two teams, as both have been under heavy scrutiny for underperforming the last few weeks. These two teams also have history dating back to the Titans’ playoff upset of the Ravens last year.

The Titans mocked the Ravens after the win by mocking their “Big Truss” saying in the postgame press conference.


Both teams are serious Super Bowl contenders but have had some trouble defeating teams at the top of the pack this season.


Luckily for Harbaugh, the dust-up failed to turn into anything more.

We’ll see which team can steady the ship and get back to their winning ways.

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