Luka Dončić just ripped out the Celtics’ heart and showed it to ’em

Please enjoy this Luka Dončić appreciation post.

Please enjoy this Luka Dončić appreciation post.
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Luka Dončić is happiness.

Last night the Slovenian star drilled two threes late in the game, the last one with just a tenth of a second left on the clock to give the Mavs a 110-107 win over the Celtics.

Take a look and enjoy.


There’s probably more to study about why this is, but a big reason football and basketball are the most popular sports is that when moments like this can happen, the guys who can make this happen the most often will get the ball. Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes will have the ball in their hands with the game on the line. Luka Dončić or Damian Lillard or LeBron will have the ball, too, guaranteed. In close games, you can feel the build toward that. The anticipation of that moment heightens the last few minutes.

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Baseball and hockey don’t have that. McDavid or Matthews might not be on the ice when things are decided. They might not get the puck if they are. Trout might not come up in the 9th. By that point, we know Cole or Snell or deGrom won’t be on the mound.

Or we can keep it simple: Luka Dončić slaps.

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