MacBook Pro concept shows OLED touchscreen: Fits perfectly

Check out these renders of the rumored next generation MacBook Pro, featuring an OLED touch panel. These three-dimensional renders, created by master designer/renderer Martin Hajek, show the traditional function keys being replaced with this new OLED display concept. He imagines the OLED display could be used to manage “your Spotify playback or keeping track of that lates[t] Game Of Thrones torrent download!” Meaning the row of keys would change with an applicable app or function.

In addition to the OLED touch panel, Hajek pairs the MacBook Pro with 4 USB type-C ports. 4! Saying goodbye to all those other plug types.

OK, I’m sold. Hajek has a knack for making some absolutely stunning renders. Martin Hajek has made a name for himself by creating some of the more realistic looking renders around. Sometimes even making the renders look better than the real deal. Head over to Hajek’s other projects in the source link below.

Image SourceMartin Hajek
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