Major GOP donors are finally getting behind an anti-Trump super PAC

Donald Trump.REUTERS/Russell CheyneDonald Trump.

Top Republican donors are throwing money at the Donald Trump problem, The New York Times reported on Tuesday evening.

In an effort to stop the GOP presidential frontrunner from seizing the party’s nomination, several super-wealthy business leaders were among those said to be organizing support behind an anti-Trump super PAC.

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman, Chicago Cubs owner Todd Ricketts, and hedge fund manager Paul Singer reportedly held a conference call on Tuesday to encourage people to donate to the Our Principles PAC.

The Ricketts family has already donated millions to the anti-Trump PAC, drawing the ire of Trump, who warned them to “be careful.”

Singer has endorsed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a top Trump rival for the nomination, and Whitman previously backed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who now supports Trump. Ricketts previously raised money for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s failed campaign.

The focus of the Our Principles conference call, which had about 50 participants, was on how to stop Trump, rather than rallying behind one candidate, according to The Times.

The PAC is reportedly planning a “full-fledged campaign” against Trump, The Times reported. The PAC has formed an opposition-research wing and hired Tim Miller, the former communications director for past presidential hopeful Jeb Bush.

Miller told The Times in a statement:

A KKK sympathizer who screwed over regular people to enrich himself isn’t going to win the White House. Donald’s general election campaign will fail worse than Trump Mortgage and Trump Steaks did and Hillary Clinton will destroy him even if she is campaigning from jail. We will fight until the last delegate is counted to stop that from happening.

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