Man Loses Friend’s BMW In Parking Garage For Six Months

Some parking garages are a confusing maze of drab concrete and flickering fluorescent lights. Whenever I park in one, I double- and triple-check that I know the section and row that I’m parked in. Sometimes, I even take a picture. I’m terrified of losing my car in one of those things. And then there’s this guy, who actually did lose a car.


In June, a man in Scotland borrowed his friend’s BMW and drove it to Manchester to catch a Stone Roses concert at the Etihad Stadium. He parked in a city center garage, reports the Manchester Evening News.

After the concert, (perhaps flushed with excitement from the music), the man forgot where he had left the car. After searching for five days—five!—he found nothing. Emails to companies and the council proved futile: the car had not, to anyone’s knowledge, been found or moved.


So the BMW was reported as lost or stolen in August.

However, at the end of last year, officers stumbled upon the “stolen” car at around midnight—six months after the night it had been parked.

The triumphant officers took to Twitter to announce the happy news:

If they had to guess, the officers think that the bill might come out to £5,000 (approximately $6,150). That’s $1,025 per month for parking! That makes Manhattan look cheap. CHEAP.



A few questions. One: how big is this parking garage? For the guy’s sake, I hope it’s as big as a damn city. Two: maybe this guy is just really, really bad at finding stuff? Three: is the BMW owner still friends with him?

I usually don’t loan out my car ever, but if I did and then that person lost it… an expensive parking ticket would be the least of their worries.

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